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House lately

September site visit

Hey! I bet you are waiting on a house update. Probably excited to see how the foundation and framing looks. Hoping for some insight to this stage of the process and anxious to hear what’s next. Or maybe, you really don’t care at all, and that’s okay too. 

I hate to disappoint, but things have still been moving at a snail’s pace because of all the rain we’ve seen over the last couple months. Did you know we had the wettest fall on record in North Texas? It was also DFW’s wettest October in the history of EVER. Well, since records have been kept anyway. And lots of rain = lots of delays. It’s a wonder how anything gets done in typically wet climates. No seriously… how does anything get done? 

What little progress has been made includes completing the pool (minus the Pebble Tec finish that will be put in after the house is built). You think all this rain will fill it up and by next summer we could at least be swimming? They’ll probably still be laying the foundation, but hey, at least the dirt should be dry by then. 

Our builder recently installed the plumbing. That took a while because when they first tried, the excavator sunk since the ground was still so saturated. To fix that, he had to replace half the dirt with new, dry dirt and start over. So he did that, and then it rained again. Once that’s finished, we’ll need to pass one more inspection before the foundation can be laid. That should start next week. Or so they say. Do you know how many times we’ve heard that? 

It’s funny because I’ve joked about starting a drinking game; every time you hear “the foundation should start next week” you drink. So, drink. 

In the meantime, while we’re drinking and waiting on the inspection, I’ll show you a timeline of our pool below. 

Check back in when you get thirsty.